4 simple design tips to maximise your space

Looking for a way to maximise your space through interior design? Here are our top 4 tips from ES Design for residential design.

20 July, 2022
4 simple design tips to maximise your space

No matter the size of your home, the interiors must advocate for more functional and inviting living. Designing a home to feel spacious and open is a common problem experienced by individuals looking to style their home. 

Often, homeowners find themselves wasting space and hoarding, leaving little room for functionality and practicality within their homes. However, there are a few ways to solve this problem. We’ve gathered some residential interior design tips that could help transform your home.

  1. Optimise natural lighting

    Natural lighting has become common in residential interior design. Not only is it effective in decreasing energy use, but it is also known to improve the perception of space, making your home feel more welcoming. Take advantage of the natural light in as many areas as possible; creating bigger window openings, installing stacker or sliding doors in a busy part of your home (the living room or kitchen), or adding skylights are some examples of ways to let the natural light into your home.

    In cases where the natural light source is limited, reflective surfaces, bright white lights and mirrors can improve the balance of space and light, while creating an illusion of a more lit-up and spacious interior.

  2. Create a fusion between indoors and outdoors

    Having your outdoor space adjacent to the interior of your home is a clever way to design a successful space. A seamless transition from the inside to the outside means there is a clear link between the areas, and more space for living, leisure and entertainment.

    In cases where the interior is not spacious enough to accommodate the fusion between indoor and outdoor living, maximising space can be achieved by ensuring that doorways and windows leading to outdoor spaces are visible and easily accessible. Using plants within certain areas of your home—as a form of biophilic design—is a perfect way to incorporate the outdoors inside, incorporating more natural aesthetics inside the home.

  3. Ensure the flooring is visible

    Interior spaces appear more spacious and open when flooring is more visible, rather than covered with too many elements like furniture and decor. Often, individuals desire to fill the interiors of their homes with different pieces to make up for the extra storage needed. However, adding unnecessary furniture and excess home accessories can make the home appear cluttered and cramped.

    Using multi-purpose furnishings is an excellent way to limit the need for extra and overcrowded furniture in your interior. Also, it would be good to consider raising some of your furniture from the floor to create the feel of a more spacious interior. For example, by incorporating wall-mounted joinery and shelving that hovers above the floor in certain areas of your home.

  4. The bigger the better

    Despite the size of the space, maximising an area relies heavily on furnishings chosen—go bigger with lesser pieces. This will enhance the size of the area, avoid mess, and decrease the chance of clutter during your day-to-day.

    Let your space make a huge statement with larger pieces such as modular couches, dining benches, or armchairs. Pieces should boast functionality, while complementing the rest of the home’s furnishings.

The benefits of maximising space in your home

  • Creates space for seasonal items
  • Allows for extra space to relocate items in a convenient manner
  • Allows for added functionality within the home
  • Addition of space can provide added comfort within your home
  • Ensures your home remains clean
  • More opportunities to use the space effectively
  • Allows for multi-functional purposes

At ES Design, our team encourages creating interiors that align with your living style and needs. We provide commercial and residential design services, to suit each space.

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