How much does a Complying Development Certificate cost?

A complying development certificate is a smart way to fast-track the approval and construction of your project. How much does a CDC cost?

27 October, 2022
How much does a Complying Development Certificate cost?

Unfortunately, because of council approvals, building new properties or renovating your existing home can be costly and time-consuming. But fortunately, there’s an alternative that could save you time, money and stress—complying development certificate.

This type of council approval is significantly faster and cheaper than most regular development applications. CDC approval could take as little as two weeks and save you up to $15,000 under the guidance of the right professionals.

Given that, how much does a complying development certificate cost and how long does the process take?

How much does a complying development certificate cost?

The cost of a complying development certificate varies widely depending on your location, your local council and the development you’re carrying out. Some CDCs for demolition and other simple tasks cost as little as $75+ GST, while others may cost several thousands of dollars.

Fees are generally related to project and build costs, so if you’re undertaking a more extensive project, you can expect higher prices (and vice versa).

Other costs may be involved with preparing your CDC, such as a survey plan, a geotechnical report for structural engineering, a stormwater drainage plan, a landscape plan, and more. Additionally, you may need to pay for building designers, structural engineers and a private certifier to inspect the project work as it continues.

The cost of CDCs is best calculated on a case-by-case basis, so if you’d like to know more, contact Sydney’s leading building designers and CDC experts for more information. Our experienced experts can prepare a comprehensive cost breakdown so you know exactly what to expect from day one.

The complying development certificate process

A complying development certificate is a streamlined building or development approval that simplifies the approval process for projects that meet specific requirements. The process of applying and gaining approval may be faster and easier than a development application, but several steps are still involved.

  1. Check your development against local and New South Wales state development standards
    If you’ve already prepared a design for your project, step one should be to check your development and property against local development standards to see if it’s permissible. You should also search land titles for any easements and covenants on your property that may interfere with your CDC.

    If you don’t have designs yet, the leading experts at ES Design can help create plans and ensure they’re acceptable for a CDC.
  2. Prepare relevant documentation
    The next step is to prepare and submit all relevant documentation required for a CDC and engage professionals as needed. This step is significantly easier with the help of a CDC expert at ES Design whose knowledge alleviates the admin and liaising off your hands.

    Documentation required may include a certificate of title, DP plan and a section 10.7 (part 2&5) planning certificate.
  3. Notify neighbours
    It’s always best to talk to your neighbours well in advance of applying for a CDC. That’s because as part of the CDC you and your certifier will be required to notify your neighbours in advance of issuance of the CDC and construction starting.
  4. Commencement of works
    Once your CDC has been approved and your neighbours have been notified you’re ready to commence work on your project. Both your local council and a private accredited certifier can approve a CDC.

How can I make submitting a CDC easier?

Submitting a CDC can shave thousands of dollars off your project cost and months of its timeline. However, checking whether or not your development is eligible and preparing the application itself can be time-consuming, confusing and complicated.

ES Design makes it easy. We’re a team of Sydney’s leading experts in building design, CDCs and development applications with decades of experience in everything from small homes to large developments. We know how to streamline your application and ensure your development is as cost-effective, timely and stress-free as possible.

Ready to get started? Enquire about our premium building design and CDC services today.

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