Why dual occupancy homes are today’s popular trend

As cities become denser, and housing becomes more costly, dual occupancy has become an increasingly popular option for both homeowners and investors.

8 December, 2022
Why dual occupancy homes are today’s popular trend

Dual occupancy homes are a trend in NSW that keeps on growing, and when you look at the cost of homes and the fact that renters are competing for a limited number of available properties, it’s easy to see why. As cities across Australia become denser, the appeal of these types of homes keeps rising. Some homeowners want to live in one home and use the other as passive income. Others wish to have their extended family or ageing parents living with them while still having their own space.

Two is better than one

So what does dual occupancy mean? The NSW Building Code defines a dual occupancy home as simply two dwellings on one block of land that can come in various forms. Attached dual occupancy designs are homes that share a common or dividing wall. In contrast, detached dual occupancy refers to two freestanding homes positioned on a single block of land and is the ideal solution for land that cannot be subdivided. You can use one as your residence and have the other as your passive income. Alternatively, you can use one for your extended family, such as elderly parents.

You can use the equity in your home

Many people want to use the equity that they have in their home to help them pay it off sooner. By converting their home into a dual occupancy residence, they can start producing an income stream that can allow them to quickly pay down their mortgage. Then, if they decide further down the track that they no longer need the additional income, they can sell the property to a buyer. 

Higher rental yield for investors

For investors, the benefit of transforming properties into dual occupancy homes is a great way to increase their rental yields. Dual occupancy can turn an average investment into a significant increase in long-term gains. Not only in terms of additional rental return but also in the resale value of their dual income-producing property.

Types of dual occupancy designs

One of the most common styles in NSW is a side-by-side dual occupancy (attached), which means the original home has probably been demolished to achieve this. Another style is a detached dual occupancy, which creates two free standing homes that can be rented or sold separately. If your site is sitting on a corner block, the dual occupancy can be designed so that each dwelling house will face a different road.

The best dual occupancy designs are the ones that suit your needs

Design is the key to the success of your dual occupancy home. Successfully transforming a property into a dual occupancy home relies heavily on engaging an architect with real design skills (or a building design company such as ES Design).

A great design provides a high quality dual occupancy design that provides privacy for residents of both dwellings. An attractive dual occupancy design gives the home buyers great indoor and outdoor amenities. That’s why it makes sense to engage an architect or building designer to help you create the right dual occupancy design to suit your current and future needs.

A streamlined process with ES Design

Our team of experienced professionals are proactive in their approach to remain informed and up to date with changes in legislation and certifier requirements. We are across it all so that you don’t have to be, resulting in a smoother, more simplified approval process.

We can also help you design a spacious, self-contained home, and perfect for ageing parents or to create another income stream. So before making any decisions, let ES Design take you through the design process step-by-step. With a wealth of experience and knowledge about what makes a great dual occupancy design, we’ll provide you with the best advice and guidance to maximise your property’s potential. To find out more about our services, call us on 0460 000 000.

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