We take the time to understand you

ES Design implements a diverse set of skills and disciplines that culminate in the approval of your project. In our initial consultation, we capture all necessary information pertaining to your development, taking the time to understand your requirements and the compliance surrounding it.

We seek to maximise potential

Our Town Planners will provide logical advice that seeks to maximise potential of the land and our Designers will use these recommendations to align with your brief and ultimately deliver a creative and functional masterpiece.

We consult our extensive network

Once a final concept is established, we consult our extensive network of reputable suppliers to produce a package for submission to the certifying authority. Onwards, we act as a liaison with council and stakeholders, providing ongoing updates and recommendations from approval through to construction.

dual occupancy designers
Dual occupancy design

We know that investing in a dual occupancy home means preparing for your future. ES Design can help you design a home that is spacious, self-contained and perfectly suited to ageing parents and children transitioning to their own home.

A multi-generational family deserves harmonious spaces and the ability to accommodate independent living with the comfort of a contemporary Australian lifestyle.

Luxury home design

Whether contemporary or classic, we will work with you to ensure that your luxury home design is developed according to your preferences and lifestyle needs. Luxury homes are progressive, energy-efficient and designed to incorporate an open floor plan with optimal natural light and airflow. Our team ensures that every element is designed with comfort and luxury in mind.

Manor house design

Manor Houses require unique, functional and versatile designs, that accommodate extended families, tenants or co-operatives. ES Design understands the specific needs of each, and can therefore ensure that your manor house is designed according to your current and future needs.

Our residential partners

We help cope with the highs and lows of project workloads, by reducing your residential drafting overheads. By partnering with like-minded industry professionals, the entire residential design and documentation process is seamless. This is achieved through experience, expertise and contemporary designs fit for successful long-term outcomes.

Builders and developers

ES Design has a long history of providing builders and developers with a range of invaluable design and residential drafting services.

Our mutual understanding of the building industry and associated processes ensures a stress-free working relationship. Designing and drafting plans for commercial and residential developments is our specialty.

Complying development
We work with certifiers to deliver an approved plan without the unnecessary red tape.
Acquiring your Complying Development Certificate is a streamlined approval process that allows you to avoid the complicated and lengthy council Development Application process. We have the knowledge and experience to help you understand all the possibilities, delivering the best outcome for your development.
We simplify the customer journey

Our team of experienced professionals are proactive in their approach to remain informed and up to date with changes in legislation and certifier requirements. We are across it all so that you don’t have to be, resulting in a smoother, more simplified approval process.

We deliver on time and within budget

We define both our roles from the outset and establish a clear direction and timeline. You have decided that we are the right fit and we make every effort to prove that to you. ES Design actively seeks cost-effective design solutions and can provide a fixed fee structure that suits your budget.

Development application
We maximise development potential.
Backed by over 25 years of experience and numerous industry awards, we are well-versed in the preparation of Development Applications. We ensure that our designs are set up for approval whilst capitalising on the development’s potential.
We tailor a design to suit your needs

We recognise that no two projects are the same. As such, we have adopted a client-centric philosophy that focuses on collaborative design. We take the time to understand your vision and the restraints it is bound by. Using our vast industry knowledge and network, we overcome these restraints and provide a solution that is unique to your project.

We communicate openly and ongoingly

We emphasise total transparency over the span of the project. ES Design will guide you every step of the way to ensure that there are no surprises and that you are kept continually informed on progress. We’ll provide a dedicated team who will be available to answer any of your questions around the clock.

How does the Development Application and Complying Development Certificate process work?
Confirmation and acceptance

Following an initial consultation and defined scope of work, a proposal is accepted to begin design services.

Design approval

Floor plans and front elevations will be issued for initial review and approval.

Final stage design

Remaining architectural plans will be issued for final review and approval.


Completed design package will be submitted to relevant certifying authority for review and determination.

Benefits of selecting ES Design for your Development Application and Complying Development Certificate approval
Streamlined process coordinated by a team of experts.
In-house personnel and resources that ensure a prompt start and finish to the build.
A dedicated and transparent team of industry professionals that are readily available to answer all your questions.
Town planning

We deliver award- winning outcomes

In response to increased demand for more liveable communities and high-quality urban design, we have established a town planning division.

Our Town Planners aim to maximise usage of any parcel of land to allow our Designers to deliver award-winning outcomes.

We work energetically and efficiently with clients, landowners, consent authorities and the community to consistently provide the best possible service. By keeping informed on everchanging planning laws, we can understand and adapt to the new processes of Councils and Private Certifiers, ensuring a timely and effective result every time.

Our Town Planners provide
the following services:
Preliminary planning assessment
Due-diligence analysis and reports
Council representation
Lands & Environment Court representation
Statement of Environemntal Effects
Clause 4.6 variations
Interpretation of policies, legislation, and statutory frameworks
dual occupancy floor plans
Interior design

Interior design that stands the test of time

Interiors by ES believes that an interior should seek to harmonise form with aesthetic. We study a client’s personality and apply our findings to our interior design palette. Combining colour, texture, space and light, we deliver intelligent interior design solutions that are as individual as the people we create them for.  

Professional land surveys across
the Sydney metropolitan area

Across the construction and property development industry, land surveying is essential for evaluating the boundaries of an allotment of land. Adopting the latest technologies, our licensed land surveyor will measure and map surroundings and onsite measurements to work hand in hand with our design team and partners.

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