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Complying Development Certificates
Paving the way in building design
for over 25 years

ES Design is a multi-award-winning building design company. Founded in 1998, our expansive portfolio consists of an impressive collection of residential, commercial, and industrial development projects.

With over 25 years of experience, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge that has earned us a reputation as leaders in our field. We specialise in building design, coordination and approval of Development Applications and Complying Developments.

The detail is in the design

Beyond our regulatory and technical insight, ES Design pays special attention to the style and functionality of your home. We’re known for creating luxurious spaces that accommodate a myriad of lifestyles.

Our vast knowledge of building concepts, materials and colours, and the ways in which they interact, affords us the ability to produce designs that are longstanding in both style and structure.

We see planning controls as a framework for good building design, rather than a constraint on what we can achieve. We consider important principles like sustainability, community, liveability, and building integrity.

Industry news
19 January, 2023
NSW Government ambitious plan to transform building industry

NSW Government’s Construct NSW strategy aims to restore consumer confidence by focusing on reform in 6 key areas of the building and construction industry. These include regulation, ratings, education, contracts, digital tools, and data and research. Led by the Office of the Building Commissioner (OBC), the changes will affect all building classes and stakeholders, including …

28 March, 2022
NSW Government proposes expanding land use to aid in farming recovery

In the wake of recent natural disasters and COVID-19, the NSW Government is committing to a plan that will see the revival of regional NSW.

15 March, 2022
NSW Government to simplify rezoning process following feedback from discussion paper

A new approach to rezonings in NSW is here. Read more from

3 March, 2022
NSW Government to increase BASIX standards

In working towards a net zero target by 2050, NSW Government has proposed an increase to BASIX standards for new residential buildings.